PVC Cling Film

Technical Specifications

PVC cling film is odorless and makes the product have longer life and taste with the best circumstances.

This film as DaraPack brand is available with following specifications :

This is a PVC tensile roll which has been specifically designed for packaging the variety of fresh food products. This roll is totally hygienic and safe. The raw materials used for its production is confirmed and specified with very low transferable values. In fact, consumer meets a precious experience of freshness.

Some Samples of Uses :

The PVC cling film is used in a wide range of uses including bakery, confectionary, fruits, fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh meat, fish, processed meat, cheese, fried food, fast food, sandwiches, dried and frozen foodstuff This film is available with the brand DARAPACK with the following specifications.

Unique Features :

  • Premium Transparency
  • Longer Life
  • Odorless
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Experience of Longer Durability for the Product
  • Useable Manually or with Full-Automatic Machines