Polyolefin shrink Film

Technical Specifications

The polyolefin shrink film is a film with unique features. Special weight, high mechanical strength even in temperatures lower than -40c, premium optic properties, high resistance against rupture, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff, resistant against oils and solvents.

No-gas very good flexibility; able to control slip and its good resistance against high temperature which facilitates possibility to use it with full-automatic packaging machinery – furthermore, there are two more advantages we can point out i.e. ability of printing and laminate.

Some Samples of Uses :

This film is used for types of food industries packaging such as frozen products, vegetables, pizza, ice-cream, etc.

One of the unique features of this product :

  • Suitable for Direct Contact with Foodstuff
  • Very High Resistance Against Rupture
  • Low Special Weight
  • Eco-Friendly